ModiTech - Expert for video surveillance and security technology

ModiTech is a modern service company for security technology. ModiTech offers its customers a considerable service for now more than 14 years. Our employees are highly motivated and qualified professionals. They avow for competence, reliability, trustability and fairness to determine the style of our company.

Our portfolio contains the scheduling as well as the installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems. alarm systems, video didact systems, digital locking systems, open land protection, access control and commodities security. Maximize your security with ModiTech and protect what lies at your heart.


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SimonsVoss - MobileKey Starter-Set 4 for online extension with DoorMonitoring - MK.SET4

Product no.: MK.SET4

Complete package with all components required to use the MobileKey online extension including the DoorMonitoring function.

1,495.20 *
Delivery time*: ohne Lieferdatum*

SimonsVoss - Transponder 3064

Product no.: A000166

Transponder 3064 serves as identification medium in the digital locking system 3060 and MobileKey, in a robust housing, diameter 42 mm, protection class IP65, G2 functionality.

36.95 *
Delivery time*: 2-3 Tage

SimonsVoss - MobileKey Starter-Set 2 - MK.SET2

Product no.: MK.SET2

The cheaper MobileKey Starter-Set 2 includes 3 Transponder, 1 PinCode keypad and USB config device.

698.32 *
Delivery time* : 3-4 Wochen

SimonsVoss - MobileKey Starter-Set 1 - MK.SET1

Product no.: MK.SET1

The cheaper MobileKey Starter-Set 1 includes 3 Transponder and USB config device.

369.11 *
Delivery time* : 3-4 Wochen

SimonsVoss - MobileKey Starter-Set 3 for Online Extension - MK.SET3

Product no.: MK.SET3

With the MobileKey Online Extension you can comfortable administrate digital locking systems.

1,387.35 *
Delivery time* : 3-4 Wochen

SimonsVoss - MobileKey Starter-Set 6 - MK.SET6

Product no.: MK.SET6

The MobileKey Starter-Set 6 includes 3 Transponder, USB config device, a locking cylinder MobileKey - Comfort and mountaing stuff.

790.90 *
Delivery time* : 3-4 Wochen

SimonsVoss - MobileKey Starter-Set 5 for online networking - MK.SET5

Product no.: MK.SET5

The set includes 3 transponders, 1 PinCode keyboard ONLINE, the USB programming stick and the SmartBridge for online networking.

1,334.67 *
Delivery time* : 3-4 Wochen

SALTO - Electronical Neoxx padlock - NxP4x

Product no.: SAL-NxP4x

The SALTO Neoxx padlock is a versatile, cost-effective electronic padlock with a robust design for SALTO SPACE and SALTO KS platforms.

742.68 *
Delivery time*: 4-6 Wochen

SALTO - WAVE XS touchless button - WV1RxOx

Product no.: SAL-WV1RxOx

The WAVE XS (European or Danish version) is a touchless button that permits an easy and clean operation of a large number of activator devices.

119.67 *
Delivery time*: 4-6 Wochen
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