SALTO access solutions use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. They are therefore easy to handle and robust. Moreover, they are suitable for multi-applications, for example an identification medium can also be used for cashless payment or time recording in addition to access control.

SALTO has integrated all leading RFID technologies into its access solutions. This diversity, along with the vast array of electronic hardware and cylinders, wall readers, locker, curtain and lever locks, panic bar solutions, mortise locks and software, provides unrivaled flexibility and choice for customers around the world. A selection of SALTO-supported RFID standards: Mifare Classic, Mifare DESFire, Mifare DESFire EV1, Legic prime, Legic advant, HID iClass.


Main advantages SALTO ROM

  • Integration: fully integrated into the XS4 system platform
  • Management software allows configuration of electronic fittings and cylinders, monitoring of access movements, recording of access, removal of users, creation of access profiles
  • Management of up to 16,000 users and 65,000 doors
  • 7 different opening types: for most different requirements
  • 30 time zones, 4 calendars, 680 events stored in the electronic fittings and cylinders
  • Easy System Upgrade to SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) with Portable Programming Device (PPD)
  • Multi-application: ID media allow multiple applications on one card even with the integration of already existing indent media


How it works!